Convey is a technology company that delivers cloud-based technology that hosts and delivers content, training & events and generates revenue from subscriptions, purchases or advertising. Convey Channel Programs connect suppliers to revenue producers in their indirect distribution channels providing access to product information and training to create calls to action and drive revenue. Convey's Platform as a Profit Center (PaaPC™) service generates revenue for an organization from supplier subscriptions, membership fees, advertising revenue, and ecommerce transactions. Cloud Conventions™ are virtual expos managed entirely on the Convey platform.

Convey Services was formed in 2013 as a spin off from Copper Services, a web and audio conferencing company, that served over 3,000 corporate clients each month. One third of Copper's revenue came from its channel program, working through master agents and their sales partners.

Development of the online portal technology began in 2011 under Copper and continued once the company was formed in 2013. Convey launched its focus on channel enablement in 2014 and expanded into the telecom, insurance and foodservice markets.

Convey's online portal technology is deployed by channel sales organizations to give their revenue producers a single destination for content, online training, and supplier information. These organizations invite suppliers to maintain an online content catalog for product information, promotions, training and events.

Convey provides suppliers with a catalog on its industry hub sites to manage content in a centralized location and selectively duplicate that content across multiple distributor platforms. This provides a convenient and efficient way to instantly access a large number of revenue producers using the hub technology.