Telecommunications Market

Master Agent Network

Convey enables over 23,000+ commissioned sales partners affiliated with over 40 master agents to get the vital information they need to sell services in an increasingly complex marketplace where connectivity and cloud solutions have converged.

Convey sites are the single online location for all supplier product information, promotions and spiffs, training and webinar events. Sites create calls to action, allow sales partners to connect directly with suppliers, and help partners customize how they view and consume content. Reports analyze how content is being engaged with allowing the master agent and suppliers to adjust their strategies.

How does the program work?

The master agent gets a customized platform for their Agents, VARs, and MSPs who are subscribed as members. Master agent platforms can be open to the public or integrated with other master agent administrative portals. Invited suppliers maintain an online catalog on Convey Channel where they upload product information, battle cards, promotions, spiffs, training videos or webinar events that will be consumed online, downloaded or emailed. Content is added once and selectively duplicated across many master agent sites.

What are the benefits?

Master agents, suppliers and sales partners save significant time in collecting, finding, delivering and consuming information. Convey platforms are designed to engage partners, create calls to action, allows them to communicate with and form direct relationships with their suppliers. The platform encourages suppliers to request a quote, submit a lead, register for a promotion, request a meeting, attend a webinar or just get in touch.

How much does it cost and who pays for it?

Master agents receive their platforms at no cost and invite their suppliers to participate in the Convey program. Suppliers pay a low, annual subscription to maintain a catalog on the Convey Channel site and have their catalogs appear on all master agents that they hold direct contracts with or that invite them to participate. Suppliers can also purchase banner advertising, Convey Campaigns or Conductâ„¢ Campaigns to promote themselves.

How do suppliers deliver information?

Convey maintains an administrative platform called Convey Channel. Suppliers manage their online catalogs in this centralized location and duplicate content and catalog graphics to Convey master agent platforms with the touch of a button. Convey Channel has a sophisticated reporting engine to help the supplier analyze how their content is being consumed.