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February 8-10, 2023
Charlotte, NC

Channel Fusion is a new experience that fuses the telecommunications, cloud, IT services, and hardware technology sellers into one powerful hybrid event. Channel Fusion helps technology professionals find new ways to serve customer needs, uncover disruptive technologies, and form better partnerships and alliances. Channel Fusion brings together sellers, service providers and infrastructure to one must-attend gathering.

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Convey Channel provides portal technology to manage marketing, deliver content and accelerate connections to channel agents & sellers

Convey Channel connects providers to channel sellers through our portal network, provides PRM system for providers and master agents, adds a digital strategy to events and offers an "all-in-one" marketing portal for sales agents

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Cloud Conventions 2021

The original Cloud Conventions 2020 debuted in May as one of the first virtual events for Agents, VARs, MSPs and IT Services providers and returned in May 2021.

The event helped thousands of channel professionals get business back on track with an engaging series of short sessions ranging from business growth and financial strategies, how to pivot customers to remote working, and leading a team through crisis.

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