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Featured Boxes


Feature Boxes are 3 large areas on the home page right below the banners. The boxes can feature catalogs and posts, hold a calendar of events, or.. →

Members Only Posts


Members Only posts are “private” and viewable by specific member types.

Lights, Camera, Action!

CEO Insights

The lights are on and the cameras are ready, but until the director yells “action”, there’s no movie. So, you have a good catalog on Convey,.. →

Site Pages


Site pages contain graphics, text, forms, videos and links. They can be directories of posts or catalogs.

​Catalog Pages


Catalog Pages appear above the banners on the catalog home page and allow you to display additional information. Common pages displayed include,.. →



Announce lets a catalog generate an email about a post to an email list they maintain inside the catalog.

Catalog Contacts


Contacts allows you to display contact information in the header of the catalog. The contact section contains name, email and phone, a website link.. →