Win Prizes with Games and Points!

A tried and true way to get partners to login, explore the site, attend webinars, and interact with content is to use gamification.  Partners search for clues, collect points and use them to enter the raffle or earn prizes.

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Gamification is about reinforcement and reward enticing partners to engage with contests and rewards.

A solid gamification strategy inspires partners to interact with the portal and its content, compete with each other, and reminds them that they can have fun and a sense of fulfillment while participating.

Automate Collecting Points for Prizes

  • Turn on gamification and create a contest, scavenger hunt, or content catalog passport.
  • Allocate a points budget for each catalog.
  • Hide clues throughout the site that link to a page with a form that automatically records points earned.
  • Display points totals in the attendee dashboard.
  • Give the channel  managers the option of awarding points manually in return for partners engaging with them.
  • Publish a leaderboard to show partners that have accumulated the most points to promote competition.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Embed clues throughout the site to encourage partners to register for webinars, explore content, or discover new products and services.

Involve the Channel Team

Give the channel team a points budget and let them use call-to-action pages to award partners points for actions they find valuable.

Keep Them Coming Back

Post results on a leaderboard for partners to see their progress and ranking.  Create new contests on a regular basis

The Hidden Customer Contest

Here is an idea for a scavenger hunt ..the "Hidden Customer." Hide avatars or logos throughout the platform.  Partners find the hidden customers with a clue to get points in the contest.

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