Beyond Webinars

Go Beyond Webinars to Keep Partners Interested

If your partners are suffering from "Zoom Fatigue", add a digital strategy to increase engagement, promote community and offer more options than just attending an hour-long product or sales presentation.

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Achieve More With a Digital Event Strategy

Having a digital event strategy should be one the most important parts of any event planning process; however, it is often overlooked as a critical step.  Focusing on the strategy first, then the tactics later will help clarify how digital fits into accomplishing your goals. Here are the 5W's you should be thinking about to craft the right strategy:

  • Who is the target audience we need to reach and how do we serve them if they are not able to attend in person?
  • What do we want our audience to take away from the event and how can digital support those goals?
  • When does this event need to happen and can the timeframe to reach our goals be extended through a digital strategy?
  • Where will different segments of our audience be most engaged?  In the live venue?  Online? Or both?
  • Why does this event exist and how can we maximize our goals?

Make Training & Seminars Interesting & Inspiring

Seminars and training can be one endless stream of boring webinars until you wrap them into a virtual event.
People are used to consuming content and training online, but then "Webinar Fatigue" sets in. Virtual and hybrid event designers can reverse that trend by offering shorter sessions, more ways to interact with session leaders, opportunities for idea exchange and a balance of training and education with fun and engaging activities.

Virtual Enhances a Sales Meeting, Regional Event, or Kickoff

Virtual Meetings are one of the most effective ways to educate and engage geographically dispersed teams.

Bringing the sales team together from across the country or around the globe just got easier and more effective.
Even if there is a travel ban or your company doesn't have the time or budget to travel, you can still help your sales team build skills, get educated about the latest products and services and make new connections. Virtual options complement or replace a live sales meetings.

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