Year-Round Engagement

Engage Partners Year-Round 

Create a digital strategy by having a partner portal online year-round and use it to host multiple events, create community, provide a resource center and  keep partners engaged and inspired to sell your services.

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Designed for Year-Round Engagement

Host Content & Sessions, Add a Resource Center, Offer Training, Conduct Micro-Events and Create a Community

The ultimate goal of 365 engagement is to create a community of customers, employees, channel sellers or prospects and engage them beyond a single event. A 365 Virtual Event solution from Cloud Conventions builds community, offers extended learning, connects your audience to you and each other, and extends opportunities to elevate your brand.

Keep people coming back for year-round access, to participate in multiple events, interact with content & learning opportunities or engage with you and each other on a year-round platform.

Portals Engage Partners 365 Days a Year

Want to create a community of partners? Then use the partner portal to offer wrap around engagement activities like discussion forums, networking events, meet the expert opportunities or contests.  

Keep the relationship with your channel sellers, prospects and employees active throughout the year with a partner portal.

Registration Onboard partners automatically by creating a compelling registration page and form to have them sign up and be onboarded.

Dashboards Customize member dashboards based on partner types and define the content they have access to.

Create ways for partnersto find each other, message, meet and discuss hot topics. Keep conversations going.

On Demand
Offer on-demand sessions or certification  classes and track attendance and compliance.

Add a content library for learning and resources for  partners. Schedule new postings to keep content fresh.

Offer resource centers and banner advertising with detailed reports on who is viewing.  

Messaging Automated notifications and reminders.  Deliver custom messages and newsletters.

Gamification Create scavenger hunts and contests to collect points and redeem for prizes. Offer enhanced sponsorships.

Site announcements alert partners of upcoming activities. Notify them by email other times.

Translate for a global audience in over 100+ languages.

 Segment access by partner type.  A privacy center allows opt-out of directories and messaging.

Track activity and display it in detailed reports.  Provide detailed reporting to your channel managers.

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