Webinar Management

Automate Webinar Sessions with Flexible Ways to Join

Sessions, workshops and keynotes are a core component of partner events. The partner portal automates the process of adding sessions, showcasing them in directories and agendas, notifying and reminding participants to attend, and capturing post-session reports.

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Webinars can be very effective if they are scheduled correctly, interactive,  and have engaging speakers.

One of the primary drivers for people to attend a webinar is the information and education offered. This can be done in breakouts, sessions or workshops that can either be interesting and engaging or boring. Webinars are easy to access when entered directly from partner portal. Keep them short, interesting and add interactive elements with ways to connect with speakers & panelists.

Post Sessions, Deliver Reminders, Track Attendance

  • Use Zoom or BlueJeans networks to automate the process of setting up sessions and collecting report data.
  • Have another video conferencing preference?  You can add webinars that use other video technologies.
  • iFrame a session into any location on the event site and attendees enter by clicking the image. Transfer the partner record to the video platform to track attendance.
  • Add sessions and attach speakers from the directory or sponsors from the exhibitor list.  
  • Include a registration cap for capacity limited events, then automate wait listing individuals who are notified if a slot has opened up.
  • Turn on notifications for any schedule changes or cancellations and add reminders to attend.
  • Events using the Zoom or BlueJeans integration have session data automatically added to event reports.
  • Host an on-demand session recording and receive statistics about who watched and how long they viewed it.

Session Setup 

Create a session post with a title, description, schedule, panelists & sponsors. Upload content files if needed.  Automate adding sessions to the agenda page.  Turn on event reminders and notifications. Use Zoom or BlueJeans to authenticate users on the video platform and collect attendance reports.

Simplify Attendance

Individuals sign up for sessions adding them to their calendar on the platform, as well as to their business calendar. Multiple email reminders ensure they don't forget to attend right on the platform. Miss the live session?  No problem with on-demand recordings.

  Detailed Reports

Access the event report to see who has viewed the session and signed up to attend.  Zoom and BlueJeans integrations automatically deliver post-session data and to event reports.  On-demand session views are tracked and recorded to show how long partners watched.

Automate Session Setup, Management, Notifications & Reports

Sessions are created on the portal as "posts" or can be added through an API from a content or learning management system.  Posts have titles, tracks, details and can contain uploaded files. BlueJeans and Zoom integrations allow posting on the partner portal and automate adding sessions to the video platform with detailed attendance added automatically.

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