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 Community™ helps individuals find people that share common interests, connects them to each other and promotes conversations.

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Keeping partners connected to each other and to your team is critical to the success of your channel program

Networking is one of the major reasons people login to  portals or attend the events they host. Partners want opportunities to meet new professional contacts, share their knowledge and experiences, and learn from industry influencers.

Community™ Keeps Partners Connected

  • Allow partners to view their profile, update their information and opt-in or opt-out of the partner directory.
  • Customize searching by adding filters.
  • Turn on messaging for specific partner types.
  • Turn on messaging for partners and your staff to text message each other.
  • All messages are stored in the partner message center.
  • Partners notifications for all new messages.

Create Directory Listings

Use demographic fields collected on the partner to create directory listings. Individuals can look at their contact card and update the information. Directories are accessed in the Community™ section of the member and administrator dashboards.

  Search & Add Filters

Directories appear in tables and include first and last name and company. Add additional columns from demographic fields to filter the directory list and narrow it to include only those individuals with common interests.  Search by name, company or filters.

Turn on Messaging

Turn on messaging so partners can receive and send messages with each other. Turn on the "recent visitors" feature for staff to message partners if they have looked inside a content catalog .

Partners Stay Engaged & Connected

Community™ helps partners find each other and make valuable connections. Customize directory listings, add filters used for search, and allow partners to opt-in or opt-out of communication*. Add your staff to Community™ to get conversations started with partners.

*GDPR Compliant

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