ConveyOne for Channel Sales Partners & Advisors

ConveyOne is a single platform for sales partners that want a modern, fully managed  website, a continuous flow of new content, built-in email marketing and an easy to use CRM to manage customer and prospect data. 

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Customized, Managed & Updated

ConveyOne comes completely setup, branded and customized.  It's easy to make changes, send emails, or read a report. 
We connect you with an online knowledgebase and help center to support you.

Modern Website

Select from several design templates for a high-quality website.  We'll set it up for you with your logo, colors and branding to impress your customers and prospects.

Updated Content

Get a continuous feed of content on technology trends from the digital asset library  You pick the content categories and we'll automate sending refreshed content your way.

Manage Customers & Prospects

The easy to use CRM system keeps track of prospects and customers and lets you add notes to each contact record.  View and download reports from the CRM.

Email Marketing

The email marketing engine sends automated messages, custom messages or newsletters.  Reports show you who opens emails, bounces, and click throughs.

Add Members & Contacts

Upload members or contacts from an Excel or use the built-in application to have people sign up on your site to receive newsletters or access special content.

Track Everything!

Reports show you who logs into the portal, what they look at, how your emails are performing, if people fill out forms and more!  View reports online or download them to Excel.

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