Channel Accelerator

What is Channel Accelerator?

Channel Accelerator™ Powered by Convey helps master agents and sales partners in the telecommunications and cloud industry accelerate revenue by connecting them with new providers who have become “channel ready”.

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The Right Services

Convey ensures that a provider's services are appropriate for the channel and will attract the small to medium sized business customer.

A Clear Message

The provider has a clear marketing message to deliver to master agents and their sales partners through the Convey Channel Network

The Right Value Proposition

There is a value proposition to motivate the partner to sell services and the customer to buy them.  

Appropriate  Commissions

The provider will pay  commissions as long as the customer pays the provider and  has a strategy to ensure masters and partners are  paid accurately and on time.

The Best Support

Providers must have customer implementation and support processes  that meet partner standards.

Defined Sales Process

The provider has a sales process that is easy for the partner to execute and is ready to help the partner deliver the deals.